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Sentix 20 pH Gel Electrode with Plug Head

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List Price: $118.00
Clarkson Price: $100.30
You Save: $17.70 (15 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: 103630
Manufacturer: WTW
Supplier Catalog Number: 103630
WTW Sentix Conventional pH Electrode with liquid gel electrolyte
WTW Sentix Conventional pH Electrode with liquid gel electrolyteWTW 103630 Sentix 20
Clarkson 103630 
Sentix 20 pH Gel Electrode with Plug Head
WTW 103630 / VWR 80085-210 

SenTix: Standard electrodes with gel and precision electrodes with liquid gel electrolyte for pH measurements in lab applications and in the field

  • Maintenance-free gel reference system across the entire product life
  • Quick repsonse time by good connection to the medium for electrodes with liquid filled reference system
  • Best results thanks to high-quality membrane glasses
pH electrodes with gel electrolyte are ideal for portable measurement but also for routine measurement in the lab. The electrodes are available with and without built-in temperature sensor. We especially recommend these pH electrodes for all applications, where reliable measured values are needed even under the most adverse conditions.

The electrodes do not require any maintenance besides occasional cleaning and are therefore especially economical.
For demanding measurements in the lab, there are SenTix® electrodes with 3 mol/l KCl liquid electrolyte, easy to clean glass shaft and platinum diagphragm. These electrodes can also be used in difficult samples. And if you need an electrode with liquid electrolyte for portable measuring: The SenTix® 51/52 with plastic shaft, integrated temperature sensor and ceramic diaphragma masters nearly every measuring task, even in the field.

Catalog Number Model Description
103630 * SenTix® 20 Gel electrode, S7 plug head
103631  SenTix® 21 Gel electrode, DIN cable
103632  SenTix® 21-3 Gel electrode, DIN cable, 3 m
103633  SenTix® 22 Gel electrode, BNC cable
103635  SenTix® 41 Gel electrode with temperature sensor, DIN cable
103636  SenTix®41-3 Gel electrode with temperature sensor, DIN cable, 3 m
103637  SenTix®42 Gel electrode with temperature sensor, BNC cable
103639  SenTix® 60 Precision electrode, S7 plug head
103640  SenTix® 61 Precision electrode, DIN cable
103641  SenTix® 62 Precision electrode, BNC cable
103642  SenTix® 81 Precision electrode with temperature sensor, DIN cable
103643  SenTix® 82 Precision electrode temperature sensor, DIN cable
103651  SenTix® 51 Plastic shaft, temperature sensor, DIN cable
103652  SenTix® 52 Plastic shaft, temperature sensor, BNC cable
103695  SenTix® 91 Precision electrode 170 mm, with temperature sensor, DIN cable

Technical Data

SenTix® 20/21/41/42 51/52 60/61/62 81/82 91/92
pH 0 ...14 pH 0 ...14 pH 0 ...14 pH 0 ...14 pH 0 ...14 pH
Temperature 0 … 80 °C 0 … 80 °C 0 ...100 °C 0 ... 100 °C 0 … 100 °C


Model Description Order no.
AS/DIN DIN/S7 cable 108110
AS/DIN - 3 DIN/S7 cable, 3 m 108112
AS/BNC BNC/S7 cable 108114
A pHLab/K Plastic arming for SenTix® IDS pH electrodes 903841
D 3Sen Flow vessel for field measurements 903842
pH-Cap Replacement watering cap 108065

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