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Tri-Meter Measures Turbidity, Chlorine, and Color Lamotte model TC3000e

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Clarkson Price: This item has been replacled by 1969-EPA
Clarkson Catalog Number: 1964-EPA
Manufacturer: Lamotte
Supplier Catalog Number: 1964-EPA

Clarkson 1964-EPA
TC3000e Tri-Meter Measures Turbidity, Chlorine, and Color
Lamotte 1964-EPA

TC-3000 Tri-Meter:
Measures Turbidity, Chlorine, and Color

Industry-leading precision, sensitivity, and dependability in one of the most innovative handheld meters available on the market.

Funky Faucet Sink Science

Kit supplied with 0, 1,
and 10 NTU standards,
sample bottle, 4 sample vials,
DPD tablets, and extra battery.

LaMotte Company introduces the first compact water analysis instrument designed for precision measurements of Turbidity, Chlorine and Color. The TC-3000 is equipped with an advanced microprocessor to drive a patent pending optical system that permits EPA or ISO compliant measurements for the water and wastewater analyst. The unique optics configuration enables the instrument to read low levels for Turbidity (0.05 NTU), Chlorine (0.02 ppm) and Color (0.2 PCU) while also expanding to higher ranges, 0-4,000 for Turbidity and 0-10 ppm for Chlorine. The TC-3000 is available in either EPA or ISO 7027 compliant versions and features 6 languages, data logging, RS-232 interface and CE mark.


Turbidity Specifications:

Unit of Measure:




Resolution: 0.01 NTU/FNU (0.00-10.99)
0.1 NTU/FNU (11.00-109.9)
1 NTU/FNU (110-4000)



Detection Limit:

0.05 NTU/FNU


0.02 NTU/FNU, 0.5 FAU

Light Source:

860nm LED (ISO) Tungsten (EPA)


Chlorine Specifications:


0-10 ppm


0.01 ppm (0-5)

0.1 ppm (5-10)


0.02 or ±2%

Detection Limit:

0.02 ppm

Response Time:

<5 Seconds

Light Source:

525 nm LED


Color Specifications:


0-500 CU (color units)


0.1 CU (0-100 CU)

1 CU (100-500 CU)


±0.5 CU or 2%

Detection Limit:

0.2 CU

Response Time:

<5 Seconds

Light Source:

UV LED 375 nm


Meter Features:
Signal Averaging: Disabled, 2, 5, 10
Battery: 9V
AC Power: Optional
Data Logging: 4000 points
Auto Shut-Off: Disabled, 5, 10, 30
Optional Software: SmartLink2
Response Time: <5 Seconds
Languages English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, & Portuguese


Item Description
Order Code

TC-3000e Turbidity, Chlorine, and Color Meter (turbidity complies with USEPA 180.1 Standard)


TC-3000i Turbidity, Chlorine, and Color Meter (turbidity complies with ISO 7027 Standard)


AC adapter (variable 100-240 VAC)


Vial Ring (2-pk)


Six pack of vials


O NTU Standard (ISO and EPA)


1 NTU Standard (ISO) 1481
10 NTU Standard (ISO) 1482
100 NTU Standard (ISO) 1483
1 NTU Standard (EPA) 1484
10 NTU Standard (EPA) 1485
100 NTU Standard (EPA) 1486
TC-3000 Meter Manual FREE in downloadable PDF format (Just Click Here) 1964-MN.PDF
TC-3000 Meter CE Compliance Certificate in downloadable PDF formate TC-3000 CE Certificate.PDF
AMCO Turbidity Standards, ISO 7027 Certificate of Compliance ISO7027.PDF

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