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Control Company Thermometers

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TraceableLIVE® LN2 Thermometers Control Company 6512 and 6513


WiFi Datalogging LN2 Monitoring Thermometer with Remote Notification

  • Requires TraceableLIVE Subscription
Parameters Range Accuracy Resolution Probes
6512 Temperature –200.00 to 105.00°C 
(–328.00 to 221.00°F)
±0.25°C 0.01° 1 Stainless Steel Probe
6513 2 Stainless Steel Probes
Liquid Nitrogen Excursion-Trac™ Traceable® DataLogger Thermometer


User-defined datalogging interval of one observation/minute to one observation/24hrs. Downloads data via

Range Accuracy Resolution Probes
–200.00 to 105.00°C
(–328.00 to 221.00°F)
±0.25°C 0.01° 1 Stainless Steel Probe
6457 2 Stainless Steel Probes
Traceable® LN2 Memory-Loc™ Thermometer 6459


Used in 21CFR 11 environments with over 1 million data points locked into memory that cannot be deleted.

Range Accuracy Resolution Probes
–200.00 to 105.00°C
(–328.00 to 221.00°F)
±0.25°C 0.01° 1 Stainless Steel Probe
6459 2 Stainless Steel Probes
The most accurate thermometer. Min/max memory. Data Logger. Resolution of 0.001°.
Expansive range of -212 to 1200°C and a backlight for dark areas.
Stainless-steel with handle, triple purpose
Triple purpose: liquids, air/gas, and semisolids.
Complete range from -200 to 1370°C. Updated twice a second.
Micro probe for Cat. No. 4000
Surface probe for Cat. No. 4000.
Air probe for Cat. No. 4000.
Easy to use 3-position switch and 2 probes so you can monitor multiple tests.
Fast response, type-K thermocouple. 4 feet long.
Simultaneously shows 2 separate temperatures from 2 probes or difference between them.
Waterproof and shockproof
Displays time of day, temperature, and humidity. A.M./P.M. or 24-hour military time.
Always on thermometer. Large temperature range.
Probe holder. Settable high/low temperature alarms.
Small, portable unit has an ambient sensor and an external-probe sensor.
Min/max memory and high/low adjustable alarms. Audible alarm.
Probe is resistant to a variety of chemicals. Simple 2-button operation.
Small design for versatility, and constructed of stainless steel and plastic for durability.
Stainless-steel probe and digital display replace mercury thermometers.
Print current data instantly, or in 1-minute intervals from 1 minute to 100 hours.
Displays max./min. temperatures and the time and date they occurred.
Shock-resistant, splash proof, comes with a soft pouch and shoulder strap.
Read signal up to 100 feet away. One main unit can monitor up to 3 remote sensors.
Maximum and minimum memory. Probe can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer.
Battery back up for low-light areas.
Extra-large digits and "easy to use" buttons. Max/min temperature memory.
Glycol bottle insulates sensor from rapid changes.
Displays 0.01°, with a range of –58° to 752°F and –50° to 400°C.
1-millivolt output jack can be used with different types of recorders to produce hard copy data.
Protected casing is perfect for field use. Two probes show two different temperatures.
RS-232 computer output can be used to capture and store temperature data.
Four different alarm settings and two different sensors.
Alarm sounds every minute for five seconds.
Max/min temperature memory. Measures liquid, air/gas, or semi-solids.
Small size for use anywhere. Simple to use with a fast response time.
Timer and thermometer with a curved stainless-steel probe. Adjustable display.
Jumbo, triple display. Probe can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer.
Display is viewable from any angle. Stainless-steel probe for durability.
Full-scale thermometer. Stainless-steel probe with a 10-foot flexible cable.
An ideal thermometer for easy monitoring of refrigerators/freezers.
Clear, See-Thru™ display permits mounting thermometer indoors and outside. Automatically resets minimum and maximum memory every 24-hours.
Disposable. Charted copy of temperature. Solid-state, quartz crystal timer.
Glycol bottle insulates sensor from rapid changes.
Temperature range as low as -100.0°C — ideal for freezers.
New microchip design provides ultra low-cost unit.
Get temperature without touching material. Fast response rate and an RS-232 computer output.
Portable. Non-contacting. Data hold and max/min memory.
One-inch, stainless-steel probe. Clip for attaching to anything.
Stainless-steel piercing tip. Drop-proof from 5-feet.
Waterproof construction ideal for wet labs, wash-down areas, and all field applications.
Stainless-steel probe is foldable. Shockproof and drop-proof up to 5 feet.
Waterproof with data log memory. Max/min temperature reading.
Portable. Noncontacting. Data hold and max/min memory.
Panel mount module snaps into place with stainless-steel probe.
Unique holder allows piercing probe to be positioned at any height while attached to beakers, cylinders, or vats.
Recessed front panel adjustable offset allows user to adjust thermometer exactly to a specific temperature, in-house calibration, or particular sensor for increased accuracy.
Perfect "carry around" portable thermometer fits in a shirt pocket, or use the built-in stand with a bench "footprint" of only 4-1/2 square inches.
Instant-less than a second-temperature reading of any surface.
Utilizes laser targeting for precise temperature measurement. Memory and alarm.
Digital Infrared Thermometer on a Key-Chain fits in your pocket
Simply point and take surface temperature.
Features a handy pocket clip and key-chain strap.
Laser provides exact targeting of sample. Minimum and Maximum memory. Fits inside a shirt pocket for portability.
Simple point-and-shoot operation, with versatile type-K probe jack.
Wide range -58 to 1832°F and innovative field of view ratio, 50 to 1.
Triple purpose, stainless-steel probe
Triple purpose: liquids, air/gas, and semisolids.
10-foot-long, braided wire cable probe. Measures high temps.

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