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Digital Furnace, Volatile Matter Furnace (ISO 562)

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Clarkson Catalog Number: VMF10/6/3216P1
Manufacturer: Carbolite
Supplier Catalog Number: VMF 10/6/3216P1
VMF 10/6 for testing to ISO 562:2010
VMF 10/6 for testing to ISO 562:2010VMF / ASTM for testing to ASTM D3175-11
Clarkson VMF10/6/3216P1 
Volatile Matter in Coal & Coke  ISO 562
Carbolite VMF 10/6/3216P1
  • This furnace offers improved temperature and reduced response times to meet the requirements of ISO 562;
  • Fast heating: Powerful open spiral elements are supported in lightweight insulation, providing fast heating – typically 20 minutes to 900°C;
  • Use of a sophisticated algorithm ensures fast recovery of temperature after loading the samples – less than 4 minutes to return to 900°C +10°C;
  • Calibration ports are provided which permit the insertion of unsheathed probe thermocouples, from the back of the chamber, without risking touching live electrical connections;
  • The probe thermocouple can be positioned under each crucible in turn;
  • A chimney or flue is provided at the back of the chamber;
  • Insulation: Hardwearing refractory brick is used around the doorway and a SiC floor provides abrasion resistance : lightweight ceramic fibre is used in other areas to ensure energy efficient fast heating and cooling, together with low heat loss into the room;
  • Door action: A parallel upward action keeps the hot face insulation away from the operator during loading and unloading : when the door is opened, a positive action safety switch automatically isolates the heating elements from the supply to protect the operator from accidental contact with a live heating element;
  • Power switching : solid state thyristor based zero voltage switching and rapid cycle time give smooth and reliable control with minimal electromagnetic emissions;
  • Service is aided by diagnostic warning lights, a removable front instrument panel and easy access to the heating elements and thermocouple;
  • Cool & safe outer case temperatures are achieved by natural convection moving air silently and reliably through cooling passages.