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Heating Mantle Three-Place Glas-Col High Temperature 1,000ml Round Bottom Flasks 240V

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List Price: $2,155.00
Clarkson Price: $1,939.50
You Save: $215.50 (10 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: 100D RJ100024
Manufacturer: Glas-Col
Supplier Catalog Number: 100D RJ100024
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Clarkson 100D RJ100024
Heating Mantle Three-Place Glas-Col High Temperature 1,000ml Round Bottom Flasks 240V
Glas-Col 100D RJ100024 / GlasCol 100DRJ100024 / VWR 33795-314 
Glas-Col's combination mantles have always been the mantles of choice for repetitive extracting, refluxing, and distilling procedures
in labsof the food, textile fiber, water and waste-water, petroleum, and many other industries.
Glas-Col's latest version offers safety and convenience never before available in a multi-place heating mantle.
  • Lower profile for space-saving convenience
  • Revolutionary heating element container system makes replacing burned-out elements a simple, five minute task
  • Element containers act as spill containment chambers to capture chemicals from spillage or boil-over
  • Clear anodized aluminum cabinet with black PTFE resin coated top for chemical resistance
  • Offered in two space-saving configurations; six-place for 100-300 ml flasks and three-place for 500-1,000 ml flasks
  • Available in low-temperature (450°C RX version) and high- temperature (650°C RJ version) for greater versatility
Each six-place Combo is furnished with six spring-type glassware clamps, and each three-place unit contains three.
The clamps hold glassware from 1-5/8" - 2" in diameter. The clamps attach to one of the horizontal support rods.

Available Combo Mantles

 Catalog Number

 Flask Size (ml)  

 Maximum Diameter (in) 


 Rating Per Position 

 Mantle Weigh 

 Replacement Element 

 Element Weight (lbs) 

Six-Place Low Temperature
100D RX12512 100/125 2.75 Flat 85W, 120V 19 100D RX12512E 1.2
100D RX12524 100/125 2.75
85W, 240V 19 100D RX12524E 1.2
100D RX12712 100/125 2.75 Round 85W, 120V 19 100D RX12712E 1.2
100D RX12724 100/125 2.75 Round 85W, 240V 19 199D RX12724E 1.2
100D RX30012 250/300 3.41 Flat 125W, 120V 19 100D RX30012E 1.2
100D RX30412 250/300 3.39 Round 125W, 120V 19 100D RX30412E 1.2
100D RX30024 250/300 3.41 Flat 125W, 240V 19 100D RX30024E 1.2
100D RX30424 250/300 3.39 Round 125W, 240V 19 100D RX30424E 1.2
Six-Place High Temperature  
100D RJ12512 100/125 2.75 Flat 140W, 120V 19 100D RJ12512E 1.2
100D RJ12712 100/125 2.75 Round 140W, 120V 19 100D RJ12712E 1.2
100D RJ30012 250/300 3.41 Flat 210W, 120V 19 100D RJ30012E 1.2
100D RJ30412 250/300 3.39 Round 210W, 120V 19 100D RJ30412E 1.2
100D RJ12524 100/125 2.75 Flat 140W, 240V 19 100D RJ12524E 1.2
100D RJ12724 100/125 2.75 Round 140W, 240V 19 100D RJ12724E 1.2
100D RJ30024 250/300 3.41 Flat 210W, 240V 19 100D RJ30024E 1.2
100D RJ30424  250/300 3.39 Round 210W, 240V 19 100D RJ30424E 1.2
Three-Place Low Temperature  
100D RX50012 500 4.06 Flat 180W, 120V 20 100D RX50012E 2.5
100D RX50212 500 3.98 Round 180W, 120V 20 100D RX50212E 2.5
100D RX65012 650 4.25 Round 200W, 120V 20 100D RX65012E 2.5
100D RX80012 800 4.56 Round 225W, 120V 20 100D RX80012E 2.5
100D RX100012 1,000 5.12 Round 290W, 120V 20 100D RX100012E 2.5
100D RX50024 500 4.06 Flat 180W, 240V 20 100D RX50024E 2.5
100D RX50224 500 3.98 Round 180W, 240V 20 100D RX50224E 2.5
100D RX65024 650 4.25 Round 200W, 240V 20 100D RX65024E 2.5
100D RX80024 800 4.56 Round 225W, 240V 20 100D RX80024E 2.5
100D RX100024 1,000 5.12 Round 290W, 240V 20 100D RX100024E 2.5
Three-Place High Temperature    
100D RJ50012 500 4.06 Flat 300W, 120V 20 100D RJ50012E 2.5
100D RJ50212 500 3.98 Round 300W, 120V 20 100D RJ50212E 2.5
100D RJ65012 650 4.25 Round 325W, 120V 20 100D RJ65012E 2.5
100D RJ80012 800 4.56 Round 375W, 120V 20 100D RJ80012E 2.5
100D RJ50024 500 4.06 Flat 300W, 240V 20 100D RJ50024E 2.5
100D RJ50224  500 3.98 Round 300W, 240V 20 100D RJ50224E 2.5
100D RJ65024 650 4.25 Round 325W, 240V 20 100D RJ65024E 2.5
100D RJ80024 800 4.56 Round 375W, 240V 20 100D RJ80024E 2.5
100D RJ100024 * 1,000 5.12 Round 450W, 240V 20 100D RJ100024E 2.5

Combo Controls
*Controls are sold separately.
Two Series RL control choices are available: percentage timer or proportional voltage.
The percentage-timer version pulses full-line voltage to each heating position according to the dial setting.
The proportional-voltage version supplies a constant, steady-state voltage to each position.
The six-place controls are actually two units that can be mounted together or separately.
The cord-connected controls allow placement at a convenient location for the operator.
Catalog Number
Control Type
For Use With
Product Weight (lbs)
Percentage timer
3-place 120V RJ or RX
Percentage timer
3-place 240V RJ or RX
Percentage timer
6-place 120V RJ or RX
Percentage timer
6-place 240V RJ or RX
Proportional voltage
3-place 120V RJ or RX
Proportional voltage
3-place 240V RJ or RX
Proportional voltage
6-place 120V RJ or RX
Proportional voltage
6-place 240V RJ or RX
Size: 4 1/2"w x 8 1/4"h x 4 1/4"d (3-place unit)
Size: 9" wide x 8 1/4"h x 4-1/4"d (6-place unit)
Equipped with one quick-attach open-face bracket for 1/2" diameter rod.
Six-place controls are equipped with two brackets.
Three-place control has one 6 ft. (1.8 m) multi-conductor interconnect cord to mantle and one 4 ft. (1.2 m) long, three-wire power cord with grounding plug.
Six-place control has two interconnect cords and two power cords.
Finish: Black and silver.

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