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Fisher Scientific Accumet XL250 Dual pH/ISE Fluoride Kit

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Clarkson Price: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer
Clarkson Catalog Number: 13-636-XL250F
Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific
Supplier Catalog Number: 13-636-XL250F
Fisher Accumet XL600
Fisher Accumet XL600Fisher Accumet 13-636-104
Clarkson 13-636-XL250F 
Fisher Scientific Accumet XL250 Dual pH/ISE Fluoride Kit
Fisher 13-636-XL250F 

Meter, Electrochemistry; Fisher Scientific; accumet; XL250 Dual pH/ISE; Includes: Meter, fluoride electrode, TRIS compatible accuTupH pH electrode, ATC probe, electrode arm, RS-232/USB cables; 110/220V

Fisher Scientific accumet XL benchtop meters bring advanced features with simplicity to the laboratory. The color-touchscreen is stunningly vivid and is sure to make a great first impression that doesn't stop. Newly added features include two stirring probe ports, a 3-position electrode holder, upgradeable software, and USB & RS232 connectivity. Prices have been lowered, so these advanced XL meters have never been more affordable.

Catalog Number Description
13-636-XL150A XL150 pH Meter
13-636-XL150 XL150 pH Kit
13-636-XL200A XL200 pH/Conductivity Meter
13-636-XL200 XL200 pH/Conductivity Kit
13-636-XL250A XL250 Dual pH/ISE Meter
13-636-XL250 XL250 Dual pH/ISE Kit
13-636-XL250F * XL250 Dual pH/ISE Fluoride Kit
13-636-XL250N XL250 Dual pH/ISE Ammonia Kit
13-636-XL500A XL500 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity Meter
13-636-XL500 XL500 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity Kit
13-636-XL600A XL600 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity/DO Meter
13-636-XL600 XL600 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity/DO Kit
13-636-XL600D XL600 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity/DO Deluxe Kit
XL150ACERT XL150 pH Meter with NIST-traceable certificate
XL150CERT XL150 pH Kit with NIST-traceable certificate
XL200ACERT XL200 pH/Conductivity Meter with NIST-traceable certificate
XL200CERT XL200 pH/Conductivity Kit with NIST-traceable certificate
XL250ACERT XL250 Dual pH/ISE Meter with NIST-traceable certificate
XL250CERT XL250 Dual pH/ISE Kit with NIST-traceable certificate
XL500ACERT XL500 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity Meter with NIST-traceable certificate
XL500CERT XL500 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity Kit with NIST-traceable certificate
XL600ACERT XL600 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity/DO Meter with NIST-traceable certificate
XL600CERT XL600 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity/DO Kit with NIST-traceable certificate
XL600DCERT XL600 Dual pH/ISE/Conductivity/DO Deluxe Kit with NIST-traceable certificate

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