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Thermoreactor for COD and other Thermal Digestion Processes CR 2200 115V/230V

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List Price: $999.00
Clarkson Price: $849.15
You Save: $149.85 (15 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: 1P21-1
Manufacturer: WTW
Supplier Catalog Number: 1P21-1
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Clarkson 1P21-1 
Thermoreactor for COD and other Thermal Digestion Processes CR 2200 115V/230V
WTW 1P21-1 / VWR 80086-904
Thermoreactors are required for the determination of COD, total nitrogen or total phosphorus. They ensure complete digestion of the sample, as they maintain the necessary high reaction temperature throughout the defined period. For sample digestion three crack sets are available: crack set 10 (model 14687, 100 digestions) and crack set 10-C (model 14688, 25 cuvettes) for heavy metal, as well as crack set 20 for total nitrogen (model 14963, 90 determinations).
In each of the WTW thermoreactors, the most important temperatures and digestion times are stored in 8, easily selectable digestion programs. In addition to these 8 fixed standard programs, CR 3200 and CR 4200 thermoreactors allow you to store 8 of your own user-defined programs. Suitable for 16 mm cuvettes.
Catalog Number Model Voltage
1P21-2          1P212 CR 2200 115V
1P21-1 *         1P211 CR 2200 115V/230V
Ideal for performing routine water analysis tests with small sample amounts, as 8 programs are available for digestion of 12 sample cuvettes at 100, 120, 148 and 150 °C (212, 248 and 298.4 °F).
Catalog Number Model Voltage
1P22-2           1P222
CR 3200 115V
1P22-1          1P221 CR 3200 115V/230V
In addition, you can program the CR 3200 to carry out 8 of your individual digestions at freely selectable temperatures up to 170 °C (338 °F).

Catalog Number Model Voltage
1P23-2          1P232 CR 4200 115V
1P23-1          1P231 CR 4200 115V/230V
The right choice for performing multiple tests simultaneously, such as COD (148 °C/298.4 °F) and total-N (120 °C/248 °F), as the two thermoblocks for 12 cuvettes can each be controlled separately. It also has memory for 8 of your own user-defined programs with free temperature selection up to 170 °C (338 °F).

Model CR 3200 CR 4200
Number of samples, max. 2 x 12 same programe 2 x 12, different programs
8 pre-stored programs 100 °C 30 min, 60 min 
120 °C mit 30 min, 60 min, 120 min, 
148 °C 120 min, 20 min, 
150 °C 120 min
100 °C 30 min, 60 min 
120 °C mit 30 min, 60 min, 120 min, 
148 °C 120 min, 20 min, 
150 °C 120 min
User programs 8 freely selectable 25–170°C 8 freely selectable 25–170°C

Temperature Probe TFK CR

Quality Assurance:
Quality assurance is constantly increasing in importance, even in the operational analysis sector. The CR 3200 and CR 4200 thermoreactors are both equipped with the external temperature probe TFK CR (Order No. 250 100) as a testing aid. This temperature probe can be plugged into the interface in place of a cuvette, and the set and actual temperatures can be outputted either to a printer or a PC. 
This means that the function can not only be monitored, but also documented.

Fast Digestion for CSB

New programs for COD
For COD digestion, programs according to various international standard methods are available. On demand of many customers, a rapid digestion for 20 minutes at 148 °C (298.4 °F) is provided, as this timespan has proven to be sufficient for many applications.
All reactors have timer functions. All reactors display when the reaction temperature is reached.

Safety precautions
Along with superior safety, all WTW thermoreactors optimize the heat transmission between the heating block and cuvettes. The safety hood prevents chemicals from splashing in the event of a broken cuvette, a covering provides protection from contact with the heating block surface.

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