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IKA Variable Pipette 0.5-10 ul

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List Price: $273.00
Clarkson Price: $218.40
You Save: $54.60 (20 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: 20011211
Manufacturer: IKA
Supplier Catalog Number: 20011211
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Ika 20011210, IKA 20011211, IKA 20011213, IKA 20011214, IKA 20011215, IKA 20011216, IKA 20011217, IKA 20011218, IKA 20011219, IKA 20011220, IKA 20011221, IKA 20011222, IKA 20011223, IKA 20011224, IKA 20011224, IKA 20011225, IKA 20011226, IKA 20011227, IKA
Clarkson 20011211
IKA Variable Pipette  0.5-10 µL
IKA 0020011211
IKA Pipettes
An ergonomic feel combined with uncompromising precise performance: the IKA single fix and vario pipettes can be used for many applications in the modern laboratory. Colour coding simplifies the rapid selection of a suitable pipette. Resistance to impact, UV and chemicals ensures that the tip cone provides long-term reliable dosing. The PETTE fix and vario are fully autoclavable, therefore ensuring easy sterilization. This guarantees fault-free, precise and safe operation. 

Ergonomic Design
IKA pipettes are delivered including exchangeable grips in different shapes and materials. Therefore it is guaranteed that they fit well in the palm of the hand. The minimal frictional and spring forces also ensure dosing with ergonomic handling; without any effort. One-handed adjustment of the volume is possible using the multifunctional knob. Moreover, the pipette tip can be released, regardless of the hand position, while the volume adjustment is securely locked. 

Durable Construction
The tip cone and piston are coated with a high quality diamond-like carbon (DLC). The design is functional and minimalistic. This combination guarantees particularly robust pipettes and reliably meter day by day in the long term. 

A Large Display
The display shows the set volumes in easily read characters. The deep position also allows reading while pipetting, without changing the hand position. 

User-friendly Calibration
The IKA software used for planning, performing and recording calibration tests for PETTE fix and vario is particularly user-friendly.

Simple Maintenance and Adjustment
The volume unit with piston and seal can be disassembled and cleaned in just a few simple steps. If adjustment is necessary, it can be done without any additional tool. 

Max. Volume Tip: 10 µl 

Catalog Number Description Volume
20011210 IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 0.1-2 µL 
20011211 * IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 0.5-10 µL
20011213 IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 2-20 µL
20011214 IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 10-100 µL
20011215 IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 20-200 µL
20011216 IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 100-1000 µL
20011217 IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 0.5-5 mL
20011218 IKA PETTE VARIO Variable Pipette 1-10 mL
20011219 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 5 µL
20011220 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 10 µL
20011221 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 20 µL
20011222 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 25 µL
20011223 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 50 µL
20011224 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 100 µL
20011225 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 200 µL
20011226 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 250 µL
20011227 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 500 µL
20011228 IKA PETTE FIX Fixed Pipette 1000 µL
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