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How many young people under the age of 18 have died while having the Corona Virus in the state of California in the USA with a population of 39.5 million?
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Sweden with 10 million people never had any mask mandate and had the same results as the state of California! - - References: CDPH , Flu and Sweden

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Starter 3100M Multi-Parameter Bench Meter

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Clarkson Catalog Number: ST3100M-B
Manufacturer: Ohaus
Supplier Catalog Number: 30276082
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Ohaus Starter 3100M Multi-Parameter Bench Meter ST3100M-B
Ohaus Starter 3100M Multi-Parameter Bench Meter ST3100M-B Ohaus Starter 3100M Multi-Parameter Bench Meter ST3100M-FOhaus Starter 3100M Multi-Parameter Bench Meter ST3100M-N

Clarkson ST3100M-B 
Starter 3100M Multi-Parameter Bench Meter
Ohaus 30276082

Measurement Range 00.0 μS/cm – 199.9 mS/cm;-5 °C – 110 °C;
-2.00 – 20.00 pH;-1999 – 1999 mV;0-20 MΩ•cm
Measurement Resolution 0.01 μS/cm;0.1 °C;0.01 pH;1 mV;0.01 Ω•cm
Accuracy ± (mV) 1 mV
Temperature Compensation Automatic
Display LCD, backlight
Working Environment 14°F – 104°F, 85%RH, non-condensing
(-5°C – 40°C, 85%RH, non-condensing)
Net Weight 2.09 lb (0.95 kg)
Accuracy ± 0.5 % F.S.;±0.01 pH;±0.3 °C;±1 mV
Accuracy ± (Temperature) 0.3 °C
Conductivity accuracy (±) 0.5 %
pH accuracy (±) 0.01
Measurement Range (Temperature) -5 °C – 110 °C
Measurement Range -1,999 mV – 1,999 mV
Conductivity measuring range 0.0 – 199.9 µS/cm
pH measuring range -2 – 20
Temperature resolution 0.1 °C
Resolution (Voltage) 1 mV
pH resolution 0.01
Resolution Cond. (Variable) 0.01 – 200
Battery Life Not Applicable
Dimensions (HxLxW) 3.07 in x 6.89 in x 8.66 in (78 mm x 175 mm x 220 mm)
Electrode ST310 (Included);STCON3 (Included)
In-use cover Included
Power 100 - 240 V
Temperature Sensor 30 KΩ NTC
Starter 3100M pH & Conductivity Bench
Catalog Number Models Description
30276082 * ST3100M-B ST3100M bench meter, stand-alone electrode holder, in-use-cover
30276083 ST3100M-F ST3100M-B content; ST310, STCON3, pH powder sachet set,
1413 uS/cm and 12.88 mS/cm solution (20ml bottle)
30332140 ST3100M-N ST3100M-B content; ST230, STTEMP30, STCON3, pH powder sachet
set, 1413 uS/cm and 12.88 mS/cm solution (20ml bottle)
The Versatile Multi-Parameter Bench Meter
  • Auto temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition, six pH buffer groups, five conductivity standards and automatic/manual endpoints ensure accurate and stable measurement.
  • An adjustable electrode holder, a large backlit LCD for optimal viewing of results, and a Quick Guide with setup and navigation info combine to make ST3100M a truly user-friendly experience.
  • Documenting data is made efficient with a 99-item memory for pH and conductivity measurements. RS232 interface allows you to connect to an external device such as a printer to store or transfer data.
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