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If you do not understand these 3 words, google them: symptom, symptomatic and asymptomatic. Some of us were ignorant at Clarkson but not anymore.

How many young people under the age of 18 have died while having the Corona Virus in the state of California in the USA with a population of 39.5 million?
CDPH shows 104 as of May 9, 2023. This is 0.0002% of the California population. Have a health problem or over 80, yes it is dangerous but so is the Flu and Pneumonia.
Sweden with 10 million people never had any mask mandate and had the same results as the state of California! - - References: CDPH , Flu and Sweden

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7410 Scanning Visible Spectrophotometer

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List Price: $5,494.00
Clarkson Price: $4,944.60
You Save: $549.40 (10 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: 741001
Manufacturer: Jenway
Supplier Catalog Number: 741001
Manufacturer Direct Shipment
Jenway 741001, 741501, 747501
Clarkson 741001 
7410 Scanning Visible Spectrophotometer
Jenway 741001 / Cole-Parmer EW-83056-21 
Catalog Numbers Min Wavelength (nm) Source Lamp Description
741001 *
Tungsten halogen
7410 visible scanning spectrophotometer, fitted with 10x10 cuvette holder, supplied with instruction manual and universal power supply with UK, EU and US power leads
Xenon lamp
7415 Scanning UV/Visible Spectrophotometer, fitted with 10x10 cuvette holder, supplied with instruction manual and universal power supply with UK, EU and US power leads
Xenon lamp
7415 UV/visible scanning spectrophotometer, fitted with 10x10 cuvette holder, supplied with instruction manual and universal power supply with UK, EU and US power leads
Get cloud-based secure storage of your results and protocols
  • Make setup easy with the user-friendly 7” high-definition color touchscreen and interface
  • Choice of measurement modes let you handle a multitude of applications
  • Simple connectivity with multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
  • Versatile—compatible with a wide range of interchangeable accessories
Designed with your convenience in mind, the 74 series of spectrophotometers provides accurate and reliable results in various applications from teaching, to industrial applications, to routine sample analysis in quality control environments. 
Navigation is fast and intuitive on the large 7” high-definition color touchscreen display. View scans and curves, zoom in and out, and select points right on the screen even when wearing gloves. The home screen provides easy access to measurement modes as well as saved results and methods. 
Programmed measurement modes include photometric for single wavelength measurement, concentration for measuring concentration using a standard or factor, spectrum for a high purity scan across the entire wavelength range, quantitation with the ability to create a calibration curve using up to 20 standards, kinetics to monitor change over time, as well as multi-wavelength mode. 
Connect to a PC via the Ethernet connection or multiple USB ports readily located on the front of the unit. Save methods and results in the generous 10GB of internal memory for quick recall. 
Large sample chamber lid provides easy access to loading and unloading samples and a variety of accessories. The domed design accommodates tall multi-cell changers or test tubes while still maintaining a light-tight sample chamber. The Jenway 7410 and 7415 spectrophotometers, models 83056-21 and -22, are fitted with a 10 mm x 10 mm cuvette holder, accepting a sample volume of 3 mL. 
The Jenway 7415 nano spectrophotometer (model 83056-23) is fitted with a micro-volume accessory enabling sample volumes as low as 0.5 µL to be pipetted directly onto the read head, removing the need for cuvettes and conserving valuable samples. It’s the perfect analysis tool to measure the purity and concentration of biological samples. 
With CPLive connectivity, you can upload results and protocols safely and securely to the cloud, share data with your colleagues, and simultaneously manage multiple devices through the CPLive app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All your information, from one or multiple instruments, is now stored in one secure location, so data is never lost. Create a free account now at to take advantage of unlimited data storage and share your valuable work with colleagues in your lab or around the world.
Technical Specification
Parameter 7410 7415
Wavelength Range 320 to 1000nm 198 to 1000nm
Light source Tungsten halogen lamp Xenon lamp
Accuracy ± 2nm
Repeatibility ± 0.5nm
Spectral bandwidth 5nm
Photometric Transmittance 0 to 199.9%
Photometric Absorbance - 0.300 to 2.500
Photometric Accuracy ± 1%T, ± 0.01Abs at 1.000 Absorbance
Photometric Resolution 0.1%T, 0.001A
Concentation Calibration Blank with a single standard or factor
Quantitation Calibration Blank with up to 20 standards
Quantitation Curve fit algorithms Quadratic, quadratic through zero, linear, linear through zero, interpolate
Kinetics Analysis Concentration, rate of change, initial and final absorbance/ %T
Spectrum Range 320 to 1000nm 198 to 1000nm
Spectrum Scan interval 1, 2, 5 or 10nm
Spectrum Analysis Absorbance or transmittance, peak and valleys and area under the curve
Internal memory 10GB 10GB
External memory Limited by attached mass storage device
Outputs USB Type A x 2, USB Type B x 1, Ethernet connection (RJ45)
Size (w x d x h) 280 x 500 x 156mm
Weight 9kg
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