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MP-6A Mega-Pure Glass Still 240V

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List Price: $8,296.00
Clarkson Price: $6,885.68
You Save: $1,410.32 (17 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: A440518
Manufacturer: Barnstead Thermo Scientific
Supplier Catalog Number: A440518
Manufacturer Direct Shipment
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Model MP-12A
Model MP-12AModel MP-6AModels MP-1, MP-3A, MP-11A
Clarkson A440518
MP-6A Mega-Pure Glass Still 240V
Barnstead / Thermo Scientific - ThermoFisher A440518 / Cole-Parmer EW-99292-25 / Fisher 09-089 / VWR 26295-001 
The Barnstead Mega-Pure all-glass stills deliver ultrapure Type II water and are available in five production capacities from 1.4 - 12 LPH.
The Barnstead Mega-Pure includes a vertical condenser design and Pyrex®, Vycor® and Teflon® components
to maximize water purity and eliminate cross-contamination.
Inlet Water Temperature
4° to 37°C (39.2° to 98.6°F)
Vent Temperature
85° to 96.7°C (185° to 206°F)
Auto Drain
Inlet Pressure (psig)
20psi (138kPa) to 100psi (690kPa)
Auto Start/Stop Controls
Catalog Number
Volume Output (LPH)
Dimensions D x W x H in. (cm)
Electrical Requirements
Storage Bottle Included
0.4 gal./hr. (1.4L/hr.)
9.75 x 18 x 34 in.
(24.8 x 45.7 x 86.4cm)
120V 50/60Hz, 9A
240V 50/60Hz,4.5A
0.9 gal./hr. (3.4L/hr.)
12 x 23 x 45 in.
(30.5 x 58.4 x 114.3cm)
240V 50/60Hz, 11A
208V 50/60Hz, 13A
A440518 *
1.6 gal./hr.
12 x 23 x 45 in.
(30.5 x 58.4 x 114.3cm)
240V 50/60Hz, 21A
208V 50/60Hz, 25A
3.4 gal./hr. (13L/hr.)
14 x 29 x 53 in.
(36.6 x 74.2 x 134.6cm)
240V 50/60Hz, 42A
208V 50/60Hz, 49A
MP-12A with built-in Deionizer and Distillate Cooler
3.2 gal./hr. (12L/hr.)
14 x 29 x 53 in.
(36.6 x 74.2 x 134.6cm)
240V 50/60Hz,42A
208V 50/60Hz, 49A
† Includes 6L bottle
Automatic Collection System (ACS) Unit
Adapter Kit, Flexible Tubing
Wall Mounting Bracket
Adapter for ACS Washer Hookup
System Adapter, ACS to Nanopure
Dual solenoid, MP-1A (240V), MP-3, MP-6A, and MP-11A
Dual solenoid, MP-1A (120V)
Single Cartridge Deionizer
Dual Cartridge Deionizer (D2)
Still Adapter Kit
Solenoid Valve Accessory Kit
High Purity Cartridge
High Capacity Cartridge
Organic Removal Cartridge
Mega-pure Bottles         DescriptionFor Use With
413964  6L (1.62 gal.), Polyethylene Bottle MP-1 and MP-3A stills
410535 9L (2.43 gal.), Glass bottle with stopcock MP-1 and MP-3A stills
413934 13L (3.5 gal.), Glass Botttle Any Mega-Pure glass still
410164 45L. (11.8 gal.), Glass Bottle Any Mega-Pure glass still

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