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Analytical Balance 120g x 0.01mg

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List Price: $3,091.00
Clarkson Price: $2,630.00
You Save: $461.00 (15 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: AS 120.R2 PLUS
Manufacturer: Radwag
Supplier Catalog Number: AS 120.R2 PLUS
Manufacturer Direct Shipment
Radwag AS 60/220.R2 PLUS, AS 62.R2 PLUS, AS 82/220.R2 PLUS, AS 120.R2 PLUS, AS 110.R2 PLUS, AS 160.R2 PLUS, AS 220.R2 PLUS, AS 310.R2 PLUS
Clarkson AS 120.R2 PLUS 
Analytical Balance 120g x 0.01mg
Radwag AS 120.R2 PLUS / Radwag WL-104-0191

Ergonomic Mechanical Design
Spacious weighing chamber and large open-door clearance allow easy access to the weighing pan and facilitate use of laboratory glassware of various sizes and dimensions. Improved aluminium base of the balance guarantees stability of the weihging system. DUAL-CLICK system facilitates tool-free disassembly and assembly of the weighing chamber. Locating the USB interface at the balance front makes it easier to communicate with peripherals.

Levelling System
Clearly visible levelling device located at the front of the weighing chamber facilitates level control.

Antistatic Weighing Chamber
Weighing chamber panes feature antistatic coating compensating electrostatic charges on the sample and accessories used for mass measurement.

Uncomplicated and Intuitive Operation
Large, easy-to-read LCD display offers not only a clear presentation of the weighing result, but also enables displaying messages related to the drying process as well as pictograms of active functions and working modes. Quick access keys located on the operation panel enable you to run a given function with just one click.

Data Management
AS R PLUS information system is based on operators, products, weighings and tares databases. All saved data can be analysed, exported, imported or exchanged between weighing instruments.

ALIBI Memory
Internal ALIBI memory guarantees safety and automatic record of measurements copies, it also offers possibility to preview, copy and archive data.

Kensington Lock
AS R PLUS balances are equipped with Kensington Lock, which allows to secure the device against theft.

Technical Specifications AS 60/220.R2 PLUS AS 62.R2 PLUS AS 82/220.R2 PLUS AS 120.R2 PLUS * AS 110.R2 PLUS AS 160.R2 PLUS AS 220.R2 PLUS AS 310.R2 PLUS
Maximum capacity [Max] 60g / 220g 62g 82g / 220g 120g 110g 160g 220g 310g
Minimum load 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg 10mg 10mg 10mg 10mg
Readability [d] 0.01mg / 0.1mg 0.01mg 0.01mg / 0.1mg 0.01mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.1mg
Verification scale interval[e] 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg 1mg
Net weight 7.3 kg 7.3 kg 7.3 kg 7.3 kg 7.3 kg 7.3 kg 7.3 kg 7.3 kg
Gross weight 9.3 kg 9.3 kg 9.3 kg 9.3 kg 9.3 kg 9.3 kg 9.3 kg 9.3 kg
Packaging dimensions 495×400×515mm 495×400×515mm 495×400 ×515mm 495×400 ×515mm 495×400×515mm 495×400×515mm 495×400×515mm 495×400×515mm

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