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Electromagnetic Flowmeter DC Powered

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List Price: $2,112.00
Clarkson Price: $2,006.40
You Save: $105.60 (5 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: BS1010
Manufacturer: Global Water
Supplier Catalog Number: BS1010
Manufacturer Direct Shipment
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Global Water BS1010, BS1020, BS1030, BS4010, BS4020 and BS4030 Model WMP101 and WMP104
Global Water BS1010, BS1020, BS1030, BS4010, BS4020 and BS4030 Model WMP101 and WMP104 Global Water BS1010, BS1020, BS1030, BS4010, BS4020 and BS4030 Model WMP101 and WMP104
Clarkson BS1010 
Electromagnetic Flowmeter DC Powered
Global Water BS1010 
Catalog Numbers Model Description
Electromagnetic Flowmeters
BS1010 * WMP101-100 Elecromagnetic flowmeter comes with power cable.
BS1020 WMP101-200 Elecromagnetic flowmeter comes with power cable and 2 inch fitting kit.
BS1030 WMP101-300 Elecromagnetic flowmeter comes with power cable and 3 inch fitting kit.
Battery Operated WL Electromagnetic Flowmeters
BS4010 WMP104-100 Elecromagnetic flowmeter comes with 1 inch fitting kit. 
BS4020 WMP104-200 Elecromagnetic flowmeter comes with 2 inch fitting kit.
BS4030 WMP104-300 Elecromagnetic flowmeter comes with 3 inch fitting kit.
Catalog Numbers Description
BS6000 WMP Electromagnetic Flowmeter 2 inch Fitting kit 
For use with the 2 inch Electromagnetic Flowmeter.  Includes 2 NPTF threaded adapters, 2 flange clamps, and 2 EPDM gaskets
BS6005 WMP Electromagnetic Flowmeter 3 inch Fitting kit 
For use with the 3 inch Electromagnetic Flowmeter.  Includes 2 NPTF threaded adapters, 2 flange clamps, and 2 EPDM gaskets
BS6010 WMP101 Power cable 
20 ft (6 m) length
-- WMP Tamper-evident seal option
Includes screws and wire.
FT420W Pulse to 4-20mA Output and Display 
Wall mounted, 12-24VDC power required.  Not available for WMP104.  WMP meters must be purchased with the -HF, high frequency option.  This option is FREE, but must be specified on your order.
BM0260 AO55W Blind 4-20ma Converter
Wall mounted pulse to 4-20ma converter with no display.  Not available for WMP104.  WMP meters must be purchased with the -HF, high frequency option.  This option is FREE, but must be specified on your order.
NOTE: The Electromagnetic Flowmeter listed above is set up with a rate of US GPM and a total of cubic feet.  These units cannot be changed in the field. Other rate and total display units such as CFM, Liters/minute, and Liters/second are available, see specifications above. Please specify rate and totalizer display units when you order.
Pipe Sizes: 1, 2, or 3 inch full port
Flow Range:
           1 inch: 2.3-110 GPM (0.145-6.94 l/s)
           2 inch: 6-300 GPM (0.375-18.9 l/s)
           3 inch: 14-670 GPM (0.88-42.3 l/s)
Fittings: 1 inch NPTF, 2 or 3 inch flange clamps with optional 2 or 3 inch NPTF fitting kit
Pressure: 150 PSI or 10.3 bar working pressure @ 70° F (21° C)
Accuracy: 4"    +1% of reading from 10% to 100% of max flow
     4"    +3% of reading from cutoff to 10% of max flow
Rate Display: 6-digits in units of GPM (standard), CFS, CFM, Liters/second, Liters/minute, or Cubic Meters/Minute
Totalizer Display: 8-digits in units of CU Feet (standard), Acre-feet, Acre-Inch, Gallons x 1000, CU Meters, or Megaliters
Security: Cross-drilled screws and tamper-evident seal (Optional)
           101: 10-30 VDC @ 60 mA max (15 mA average). 
NOTE: Using an unregulated power supply >18 Vdc may damage the meter due to AC line input voltage fluctuation.
           104: 6 AA Alkaline cells, replaceable.  Estimated life is 1 year depending on usage
Pulse Output Signal
 (WMP101 only):
Current sinking pulse, opto-isolated, 32 VDC @ 10 mA max
Pulse Rate (WMP101 only): 1 unit/pulse out, pulse width of 10ms depending on unit selection, high frequency - 1 inch 80 pulses/gal (21.136 pulses/liter), 2 inch 30 pulses/gal (7.926 pulses/liter), 3 inch 13 pulses/gal (3.435 pulses/gal), pulse width 1.1 ms, min-max frequency, 3-150 hz 
Empty Pipe Detection: Hardware/software, conductivity-based
Conductivity: >20 microSiemens/cm
Environmental: NEMA 4X standard
Electrical Connection
       (WMP101 only):
5 pin male circular connector, mates to industry standard cable
           Body: Glass-filled polypropylene
           Electronics Housing: Die cast aluminum, powder coated
           Electrodes: 316 stainless steel
           Display cover: polyethylene
Operating Temperature Range: 10 to 130° F (-12 to 54° C)
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 176° F (-40 to 80° C)
Weight:  4 lbs (1.8kg) (instrument only), 6 lbs (2.7 kg) (instrument with clamp kit)
Dimensions:      1 inch: 4.3x5.38x5.5 inch (11x13.67x14 cm) (WxLxH)
     2 inch: 4.63x6.03x5.5 inch (11.76x15.32x14 cm) (WxLxH)
     3 inch: 4.63x7.3x7.3 inch (11.76x18.54x18.54 cm) (WxLxH)
Electromagnetic flowmeters for full-pipe municipal or industrial water and wastewater applications.

  • Simple as a mechanical meter
  • No moving parts for low maintenance & long life
  • Minimal straight pipe required
  • Built-in rate & total indicator
  • Corrosion resistant
The WMP-Series are a full-bore, plastic-bodied electromagnetic flowmeters designed for flow and usage monitoring applications in 1, 2, or 3 inch pipes.  The electromagnetic flowmeter's polypropylene flow tube offers corrosion resistance to a wide range of chemicals.  The electromagnetic flowmeters light weight and clamp flanges allow them to be easily installed or removed from the pipe for inspection*.  There are multiple adapters available to allow the electromagnetic flowmeters to fit into a wide variety of pipe mounting configurations.
*Use Banjo® fittings or the WMP Fittings Kit
With no moving parts, the electromagnetic flowmeters permit unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and hence, straight pipe requirements.  The WMP-Series electromagnetic flowmeters can be used in piping configurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow or valve.  The WMP-Series, like other electromagnetic flowmeters, are resistant to wear from sand and debris found in ground or surface water.  Since there are no bearings or propeller to wear out on the electromagnetic flowmeters, downtime and maintenance and repair costs are kept to a minimum.  Because the electromagnetic flowmeters have no mechanical parts in the flow stream, the meter tolerates high flows without damage.
The electromagnetic flowmeter's hinged, opaque polyethylene cover protects from dust and UV rays, while permitting easy access to the LCD flow rate and total display.  The electromagnetic flowmeter's electronics housing is made of rugged powder-coated die-cast aluminum.  The electromagnetic flowmeter can be fitted with cross-drilled screws and seal wire for tamper-evidence.  Flow rate and total can be displayed on the electromagnetic flowmeters in a variety of units, customer-selected and factory-set.
The WMP-Series electromagnetic flowmeters are used for tracking flow rate and total flow in usage monitoring applications, for instance, in compliance with regulatory requirements.  These would include wells, industrial wastewater, heap leach mining discharge, cooling tower deduct metering, turf and landscape applications, and other water reclamation operations.  In the event of DC power loss, or when changing the battery, the electromagnetic flowmeter is designed to retain the internal settings and flow total.
The WMP101 electromagnetic flowmeter is externally powered via a 5-pin connector and the power cable also provides pulse output for use with a variety of displays and controls for remote reading, data logging, pulse-to-analog conversion, and telemetry applications.
The WMP104 electromagnetic flowmeter is a battery-operated unit for use when pulse output is not required.  The batteries are user replaceable with an approximate 1-year life under continuous use of the electromagnetic flowmeter, or more depending on the duty cycle.
Please note that if you plan to use the AO55 blind 4-20mA converter or the FT420W pulse to 4-20mA output and display you must purchase the WMP electromagnetic flowmeters with the -HF, high frequency, option.
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