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Yamato DNF Programmable Forced Convection Oven 27L 115V

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List Price: $5,180.00
Clarkson Price: $4,662.00
You Save: $518.00 (10 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: DNF301
Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific
Supplier Catalog Number: DNF301
Manufacturer Direct Shipment
Yamato DNF301, Yamato DNF301, Yamato DNF401, Yamato DNF411, Yamato DNF601, Yamato DNF611, Yamato DNF811, Yamato DNF911
Clarkson DNF301
Yamato DNF Programmable Forced Convection Oven 27L 115V
Yamato Scientific DNF301
Yamato DNF Series Energy Saving & Air Velocity Controllable Forced Convection Ovens
High-performance,  energy-saving,  programmable constant temperature, forced convection ovens with air velocity control and exhaust dampers.  The first 2 in 1 system in the industry!

Performance and Functions
  • Two types of circulation, forced and natural convection, in one unit (compatible with model 300/400/600)
  • Eco-oven with improved air velocity control system and adjustable damper
  • Program featured to reduce power consumption significantly
  • Superior heat tightness and insulation of chamber
  • Excellent dust tightness, dust can hardly enter the chamber
  • Air velocity changeable in 10 stages using digital setting of controller
  • Standard with 99 step program operation with repeat operation, auto start, auto stop and quick auto stop functions
  • Adjustable damper position at chamber front to optimize operation
  • Fluorescent display, interactive input method, calibration off-set function
Circulation MethodForced convection + Natural convectionForced convection
External Temp. Range5~35°C
Temperature Set Range0~130°C (Wind velocity: 0), 0~270°C (Wind velocity: 1~10)0~270°C (Wind velocity: 1~10)
Temperature Control RangeRT +25~120°C (Wind velocity: 0), RT +15~260°C (Wind velocity: 1~10)RT +15~260°C (Wind velocity: 1~10)
Temp. Control Accuracy *¹Forced convection±0.3°C (at 260°C)
Natural convection±0.5°C (at 120°C)±0.3°C (at 120°C)Not applicable
Temp. Fluctuation *¹Natural convection±0.5°C (at 260°C)
Forced convection±1.0°C (at 120°C)±0.8°C (at 120°C)±0.6°C (at 120°C)Not applicable
Temp. Distribution Precision *¹Forced convection±2.5°C (at 260°C)
Natural convection±5°C (at 120°C)±3°C (at 120°C)Not applicable
Temp. Gradient *¹Forced convection5°C (at 260°C)7°C (at 260°C)8°C (at 260°C)12°C (at 260°C)6°C (at 260°C)
Natural convection15°C (at 120°C)13°C (at 120°C)Not applicable
Temp. Rise Time *¹Forced convection~70min.~105min.~100min.~60min.~100min.
Natural convection~20min.~25min.Not applicable
Chamber / Exterior / InsulationStainless steel / Cold rolled steel paneling, chemical-proof baked-on finish / Glass wool
DoorSingle swing (left side)Double doors (opening from center)
Heater (Stainless Steel Tube)0.8kW0.6kWx20.83kWx21.35kWx21.65kWx2
Wind Velocity Adjusting System10 steps (600~1500rpm) + Wind velocity (0)10 steps (600~1500rpm)
DamperCirculation-Ventilation Manual switching: Interlocked intake and exhaust system (Complete exhaust applicable / Unable to reach 260°C with damper fully open)
Cable PortInner diameter: 33mm×1 (right side)
Exhaust PortOuter diameter: 50mm×1 (back side)Outer diameter: 50mm×2 (back side)
Inlet PortInner diameter: 33mm×1 (right side)Inner diameter: 33mm×2 (both side)
ControllerModel V type
Temperature Control / Setting SystemPID Z control / Digital setting with / keys
Temperature Display SystemTemperature reading display: green 4-digit digital LED/Temperature setting display: orange 5-digit digital LED
Other IndicationsLED indicates temperature patterns for heating/stabilizing/cooling
TimerFixed temperature operation, Program operation (maximum 99 steps or 99 patterns, with repeat operation function), Timer or clock operation function (Fixed temperature operation w/ auto start/auto stop/quick auto stop, program operation auto start)
Additional FunctionsVariable Air Flow Function, Power-on Time and Operation Time Accumulation Monitor (up to 65,535 hours); Calibration Offset; Monitoring Display for Accumulated Power Consumption, Total CO 2 Emissions, and Heater Operation Output; Power Recovery Mode; Setting Data Backup and Recovery
Temperature SensorK type Thermocouple double sensor (for temperature control and independent overheat prevention device)
Heater ControlTriac with Zero-cross Control
Control BoardSelf-diagnostic Functions (Detection for Temp. Sensor Failure, TRIAC Short Circuit, Automatic overheating prevention, Heater Line Disconnect, Main Relay Contact Damage ), Earth leakage breaker, Fan Motor Failure, Key Lock Function, Independent overheating prevention device
Earth Leakage BreakerLeak Current/Short Circuit/Over-current Protection, Rated Current Sensitivity 30mA
Door SwitchDoor open: fan motor and heater circuit OFF, Door close: fan motor and heater circuit ON
Internal Dimensions (W×D×H Mm)*²300×300×300450×450×450600×500×500600×500×10001090×500×1000
External Dimensions (W×D×H Mm)*²430×495×740580×645×890730×695×940730×695×16851220×695×1685
Number Of Shelf Bracket Step / Pitch6steps/30mm11 steps/30mm13 steps/30mm29 steps/30mm
Withstand Load Of Shelf15kg/shelf
Power Supply V±10% 50/60Hz Single PhaseAC115V, 7.5A (with plug)
with external transformer
AC115V 11A (with plug)
AC220V 6A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 15A (with plug)
AC220V 8A (no plug, round terminal)
AC220V 15.5A (no plug, round terminal)AC220V 18.5A (no plug, round terminal)
Shelf Plate / Bracket2 pcs. / 4 pcs.4 pcs. / 8 pcs.8 pcs. / 16 pcs.

*1. Temperature Accuracy / Rise time Standard: Testing Machinery Association of Japan. Temperature Fluctuation/Gradient Standard: Japanese Industrial Standard
Performance data above based on 115V or 220V AC supplied power, 23°C±5°C (room temperature), 65%RH ±20% humidity, maximum air speed (FAN setting 10), damper closed, and no process load.
*2. Protrusions excluded.
Catalog NumberDescriptionVoltage
DNF301 *Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 27L -with exernal transformer115V
DNF301-220VEnergy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 27L -with exernal transformer220V
DNF401Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 90L115V
DNF411Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 90L220V
DNF601Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 150L115V
DNF611Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 150L220V
DNF811Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 300L220V
DNF911Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Oven 540L220V
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