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Dairy Testing Equipment

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LactiCheck LC-01

Portable, precise and affordable composition analysis of cow or goat and sheep milk. Results for fat, solids, protein, added water and density are displayed simultaneously in just 85 seconds! Features user-friendly operation, streamlined calibration and ultra-easy maintenance, providing reliable, objective results at a fraction of the cost of other automated methods.

LactiCheck LC-02

An exciting ultrasonic spectroscopic method for rapid, reliable milk composition results! An ultra-friendly, affordable, automated system providing fat, solids not fat, added water and density for both unprocessed and processed fluid milk products. Dual channel instrument is designed to analyze cow or goat milk (optional configuration for sheep or buffalo milk). Excellent correlation with recognized reference methods (both bench chemistry and automated methods) make the LC-02 easily integratable into established operating procedures.

QuickCheck FLEX

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, see alternative QuickCheck Tech

This compact, robust and portable cryoscope tests for extraneous water in milk in just 90 seconds! The QC-FLEX can operate from either DC or AC power, providing rapid, accurate and precise results that you can depend upon for screening or payment purposes at an unbeatable price! Robust stainless steel housing with a removable cover and rugged carry handle enable you to store the QC-FLEX when not in use, or to bring it anywhere in the dairy supply chain - from the milking parlor to the production floor!                     

QuickCheck QC-II

Screen milk and fluid based milk products for added water in just 90 seconds! The QC-II provides rapid, accurate and precise results that you can depend upon for screening or payment purposes at an unbeatable price! Ruggedized electronics and robust steel construction are designed for years of reliable operation. Guard against inadvertent adulteration of milk from farm to factory.

QuickCheck QC-IV

Trust the test that the dairy industry has depended upon for decades! Freezing-point determination has been the recommended method for testing adulteration of milk for more than 50 years! A practical rapid method for confirming the integrity of milk throughout the milk supply chain, the QuickCheck features streamlined, micro-processor controlled calibration and RS-232 output for output to a printer, PC or data logger.

SpectroQuick MK3.2

Providing rapid fat composition analysis of fluid milk products, the MK3.2 features amazing accuracy and precision. The SpectroQuickTMoffers reliable results for milk and milk products from 0-9% fat at a rate of 120 tests per hour! Especially appealing for enterprises seeking accuracy at the low fat level (0 - 1%) where other test methods are often not exact, the SpectroQuick automates testing, ensuring greater consistency and improved repeatability in results in today's busy dairy processing laboratory!

LactiCheck MINI

Designed for raw milk composition testing the compact, precise and exceptionally affordable MINI offers three channels for testing cow or goat, sheep and buffalo milk. Results for 7 parameters (Fat, Solids, Density, Added Water, Salts/Minerals, Lactose and Protein) are available in ~60 seconds! Features include a unique flow-thru design, streamlined calibration of all parameters, built-in acoustic and visual prompts to remind it is 'Time to Clean' and User-selectable options (including selection of read-out in English or Spanish).

LactiCheck RapiRead

State-of-the-art upgrades to the system design and micro-processor have resulted in significant improvements in precision and an extended the range for some parameters (i.e. fat can be tested up to 14% in liquid dairy cow products without dilution!).

QuickCheck TECH

The QuickCheck TECH provides a precise assessment of water adulteration of milk in accordance with recommended reference methods for under $6,000!