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Bacon Bomb Sampler 16oz Slim Model Stainless Steel ASTM D4057

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Clarkson Price: $998.00
Clarkson Catalog Number: P2300S-16S
Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific
Supplier Catalog Number: 14-209-4S
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Clarkson P2300S-16S
Bacon Bomb Sampler 16oz Slim Model Stainless Steel ASTM D4057
Fisher Scientific 14-209-4S 
Bacon Bomb Sampler, 16oz Slim Model
Stainless Steel
Petroleum Bacon Bomb Sampler

For sampling petroleum products by ASTM D4057
Bacon bomb samplers function in many industries including petroleum oil refineries, varnish, sugar, chemical plants and fisheries.
The plunger keeps the sampler closed until it strikes bottom, then the sampler opens and fills.
When raised the plunger automatically falls back into closed position and prevents any contamination by liquid at higher levels.It will pick up sediment and water directly off the bottom.
Samples can be taken at any point above the bottom by attaching a cord to the top of the plunger, raising it at will to fill the sampler and lowering it to close the sampler.
Catalog Number Description Metric Outside Diameter Metric Height
16oz Nickel Plated Brass ASTM D4057  6.9cm 30.4cm
14-209A 8oz Nickel Plated Brass ASTM D4057  5.7cm 25.4cm
16oz. Slim Model Nickel Plated Brass ASTM D4057 5.7cm 43.1cm
14-209C 32oz. Brass-Nickel Plated ASTM D4057 8.2cm 40.6cm
14-209D 4oz Nickel Plated Brass ASTM D4057 4.8cm 22.8cm
14-209E 4oz Slim Model Nickel Plated Brass ASTM D4057 2.8cm 39.4cm
14-209-4 16oz Stainless Steel ASTM D4057
14-209-4S * 16oz. Slim Model Stainless Steel ASTM D4057
P2300A-16 16oz All Level Sampler
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