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MaxQ 8000 Incubated/Refrigerated Stackable Shaker 120V 60Hz Package

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List Price: $18,228.00
Clarkson Price: $15,493.80
You Save: $2,734.20 (15 %)
Clarkson Catalog Number: SHKE8000-7
Manufacturer: Labline Thermo Scientific
Supplier Catalog Number: SHKE8000-7
MaxQ Shaker Packages are valid through December 31, 2019

Clarkson SHKE8000-7 
MaxQ 8000 Incubated/Refrigerated Stackable Shaker 120V 60Hz Package
Lab-Line Thermo Scientific - ThermoFisher SHKE8000-7 / Fisher 11-676-088 
Catalog Numbers  Package Includes
SHKE8000 MaxQ 8000 Incubated Stackable Orbital Digital Shaker (SHKE8000),
29.5"x18" Universal Platform (238061), and Clamp Starter Kit (236099)
SHKE8000-7 * MaxQ 8000 Refrigerated Stackable Orbital Digital Shaker (SHKE8000-7),
29.5"x18" Universal Platform (238061), and Clamp Starter Kit (236099)
Product Detail
Our MaxQ 8000 stackable orbital shakers provide both high performance and robust 3-high stackability. With three times the capacity of a floor shaker in virtually the same footprint, these units are ideal for high-volume research or scale-up work. They are built both for sensitive eukaryotic culture applications, with contamination-reducing HEPA filtration, coved corner design, singlepiece chamber, and tight temperature uniformity, and for demanding prokaryotic culture applications, with rugged construction, wide speed range, and no limits on your “hard shake” speed, even when stacked 3-high.
The smooth fold-down door and locking slide out platform make these units easy to use, and the proven shaking and electronic components assure product reliability. The patented triplecounterbalanced heavy-duty mechanism prevents vibration, allowing the unit to run with heavy out-of-balance loads. The unit's advanced microprocessor controller displays run and set points on a 20 character backlit display, and continuously controls all unit functions. Alphanumeric status messages constantly keep you informed of cycle status, and menu-driven programming makes all parameters quick and easy to access.
Key Accessories:
Universal & Dedicated Platforms
Flask Clips
Test Tube Rack Holders

Universal Platform Clamps

Catalog Numbers Description    
236010 25mL Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp
236011 50mL Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp
236012 125mL Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp
236013 250/300mL Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp
236014 500mL Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp
236015 1L Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp
236016 2L Erlenmeyer Flask Clamp
236019 2800mL Fernbach Flask Clamp
236025 Microplate
236099 Flask Clamp Starter Kit for MaxQ 8000
Dedicated Platforms with Clamps
Catalog Numbers Capacity Compatibility Clamp Size
238066 91 MaxQ Stackable Shakers 25mL Erlenmeyer Flask
238067 91 MaxQ Stackable Shakers 50mL Erlenmeyer Flask
238068 61 MaxQ Stackable Shakers 125mL Erlenmeyer Flask
238069 30 MaxQ Stackable Shakers 250mL/300mL Erlenmeyer Flask
238070 40 MAXQ Orbital Shakers 250mL/300mL Erlenmeyer Flask
238071 24 MaxQ Stackable Shakers 500mL Erlenmeyer Flask
238072 15 MAXQ Orbital Shakers 1L Erlenmeyer Flask
238073 12 MAXQ Orbital Shakers 2L Erlenmeyer Flask
238074 6 MaxQ Stackable Shakers 2800mL Fernbach Flask
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