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Thermo Scientific Lab-Line

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1. Lab-Line* AquaBath* Water Baths (28)

Thermo Scientific* Lab-Line Aquabath General-Purpose Water Bath provides precise temperature control and is available
with an analog or digital operating system.

Part Numbers:
18020A-1CEQ 18050A-1CEQ 18052AQ
18100A-1CEQ 18002AQ 18902AQ
18052A-1CEQ 18007A-1CEQ 18800A-1CEQ
18005A-1CEQ 18022AQ 18802AQ
18000AQ 18902A-1CEQ 18000A-1CEQ
18800AQ 18802A-1CEQ 18022A-1CEQ
18002A-1CEQ 18102AQ 18100AQ
18900AQ 18050AQ 18102A-1CEQ
18007AQ 18020AQ 18005AQ

2. Lab-Line* Large Volume Stirrer (1)

Thermo Scientific* Lab-Line Large Volume Stirrer stirs up to 200L (53 gal.).

Part Numbers:

3. Covers for Aquabath Water Baths (4)

Thermo Scientific* covers ensure temperatures are maintained in Aquabath water baths.

Part Numbers:
19000-17Q 19000-11Q 19000-15Q

4. Accessories for Class 100 Cleanroom Ovens (2)

These accessories can optimize performance of Thermo Scientific* cleanroom ovens.

Part Numbers:
3491 3485-2

5. Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens (4)

Thermo Scientific* Hi-Temp Vacuum Oven features overtemperature protection for peace of mind.

Part Numbers:
3628A 3625A 3628A-1

6. Accessories for Shaking Water Baths (4)

Thermo Scientific* offers a variety of accessories to enhance flexibility of shaking water baths.

Part Numbers:
3582-35 3582-39 3582-33

7. MaxQ* 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers (12)

Thermo Scientific* MaxQ shakers combine incubated/refrigerated temperatures with orbital shaking.

Part Numbers:
SHKE4000-6CE SHKE4000-8CE SHKA4000
SHKA4000-7 SHKE4000 SHKE4000-5
SHKE4000-7 SHKE4000-1CE SHKA4000-5
SHKA4000-8CE SHKA4000-6CE SHKA4000-1CE

8. MaxQ* 7000 Water Bath Orbital Shaker (4)

Thermo Scientific* MaxQ 7000 shakers combine a controlled water bath temperature with orbital shaking motion.

Part Numbers:
SHKA7000 SHKE7000 SHKA7000-1CE

9. Class 100 Cleanroom Ovens (10)

Thermo Scientific* Class 100 Cleanroom Ovens are ultraclean, making them ideal for semiconductor and electronics

Part Numbers:
3494M-1 3490M-1 3490M
3497M-1 3492M 3498M-1
3492M-1 3499M-1 3496M-1

10. Reciprocating Shaking Bath (2)

Thermo Scientific* Reciprocating Shaking Bath can be used as a shaking water or constant-temperature bath.

Part Numbers:
3582LPG 3582-1

11. MaxQ* 2000 and 3000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers (10)

Thermo Scientific* MaxQ 2000 and 3000 benchtop orbital shakers increase sample capacity simply by changing
the platform.

Part Numbers:
SHKA3000-1CE SHKA2000 SHKE2000CO2-1CE
SHKE2000-1CE SHKE2000CO2 SHKA3000
SHKE3000-1CE SHKE2000 SHKA2000-1CE

12. MaxQ* 5000 Floor-Model Shakers (8)

Thermo Scientific* MaxQ 5000 shakers are versatile incubated/refrigerated units featuring a easy side access drain
system making cleaning spills easy and retractable foot casters to easily position the shaker in the lab.

Part Numbers:
SHKA5000-7 SHKA5000-1CE SHKE5000-7
SHKA5000 SHKE5000-8CE SHKA5000-8CE
SHKE5000-1CE SHKE5000

13. MaxQ* 4450 Benchtop Orbital Shakers (8)

Thermo Scientific* MaxQ 4450 is a versatile, incubated and refrigerated shaker ideal for incubating a small number of

Part Numbers:
SHKE4450CC-1CE SHKA4450-1CE SHKE4450
SHKA4450 SHKE4450-1CE

14. MaxQ* 2506 Reciprocating Shaker (2)

Thermo Scientific* MaxQ 2506 Reciprocating Shakers are ideal for chemical extractions, mixing blood samples, and
silver staining of polyacrylamide gels.

Part Numbers:
SHKA2506 SHKA2506-1

15. MaxQ* 2508 Dual-Action Orbital Reciprocating Shaker (2)

Thermo Scientific* MaxQ 2508 Dual-Action Orbital Reciprocating Shakers are ideal for growing bacteria, dissolution
studies, and staining of electrophoresis gels and chemical extractions.

Part Numbers:
SHKA2508 SHKA2508-1CE