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Revco Ultima PLUS -86C Chest Freezer 482 Liter 230V European Plug

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Clarkson Price: This item has been replaced TDEC39686FV
Clarkson Catalog Number: ULT1790-10-V
Manufacturer: Revco Thermo Scientific
Supplier Catalog Number: ULT1790-10-V

Clarkson ULT1790-10-V
Ultima PLUS -86°C Chest Freezer 482 Liter 230V European Plug 
Revco Thermo Scientific - ThermoFisher ULT1790-10-V / Cole-Parmer EW-44147-19 / VWR 89200-410 

Available Products:
Temperature Range -50° to -86°C
Control Microprocessor
Defrost Manual
Refrigerant CFC-Free
Compressor(s) Two 1hp industrial
Cabinet Heavy-gauge steel with high-impact powder paint finish
Chamber Stainless-steel
Port RS-232/4-20mA
Catalog NumberCapacityElectrical RequirementsPlug Type
ULT390-10-A 85L 120V 60Hz 1P 5-15P
ULT390-10-V 85L 230V 50Hz 1P European
ULT390-10-W 85L 230V 50Hz 1P British
ULT1390-10-A 360L 120V 60Hz 1P 5-15P
ULT1390-10-D 360L 208/230V 60Hz 1P 5-20P
ULT1390-10-V 360L 230V 50Hz 1P European
ULT1390-10-W 360L 230V 50Hz 1P British
ULT1790-10-A 482L 120V 60Hz 1P 5-15P
ULT1790-10-D 482L 208/230V 60Hz 1P 5-20P
ULT1790-10-V * 482L 230V 50Hz 1P European
ULT1790-10-W 482L 230V 50Hz 1P British
ULT2090-10-A 566L 120V 60Hz 1P 5-15P
ULT2090-10-D 566L 208/230V 60Hz 1P 5-20P
ULT2090-10-V 566L 230V 50Hz 1P European
ULT2090-10-W 566L 230V 50Hz 1P British
Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima PLUS -86°C Chest Freezers feature improved compressor technology, user-friendly control panels and standard RS-232 and 4-20mA outputs.
The two-stage refrigeration system has a compressor which allows for quiet and reliable performance.
The control panel allows for user-defined alarms and setpoints and features audible and visual alarms.
Standard RS-232 and 4-20mA outputs allow for easy connections of many freestanding and independent monitoring devices.
  • Capacities suited to storage and lab space needs: 3, 12.7, 17 and 20 cu. ft.
  • Standard RS232 and 4-20mA outputs allow for easy connection of independent monitoring devices
  • State-of-the-art control with intuitive settings controls temperature, alarm setpoints, audible/visual alarm and 12-character message system
  • Optional CO2 and LN2 safety back-up systems provide additional product protection in the event of a power or mechanical failure
  • Standard stainless-steel, corrosion-resistant interior
Compatible with: 398184; 398185; 398186; 398187; 398188; 398191; 398192; 398193; 398196; 398197; 398198; 398199; 398203; 398204; 398205; 398206; 398207; 398208;
398209; 398211; 398212; 398213; 398214; 398215; 398216; 398217; 398218; 398219; 398220; 398221; 398222
Warranty and Service Offering:
  • US and Canada: Two years, parts and labor; additional three years compressor parts
  • Outside North America: 16 months, parts; additional 60 months compressor parts
  • Shipping weights: 85L model 432 pounds, 360L model 716 pounds, 482L model 821 pounds, 566L model 833 pounds
Recommended for: Long-term storage of biological and chemical samples.

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