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Lab and Field Instrumentation

  WTW Lab-Catalog 2012 English lowres.pdf
Edition April 2012

... in separate PDF files

  Catalog from Page to Page Content Size of File Type of File
PDF Lab 001 005 New Instruments 613 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 006 027 Multi parameter 2470 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 028 045 pH 1596 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 046 047 ORP 326 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 048 053 ISE 354 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 054 067 Dissolved Oxygen 1266 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 068 083 Conductivity 1362 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 088 105 BOD and Respiration 1039 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 106 137 Photometry 1493 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 138 143 Turbidity 351 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 144 145 Colony Counter 193 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 146 149 Software and Printers 240 kb b  US-pdf  
PDF Lab 150 160 General Information 597 kb b  US-pdf  


pHotoFlex Series
With pHotoFlex and pHotoFlex Turb you are prepared for environmental analysis applications whenever multiple measurements at different locations are necessary. These instruments accept a wide range of cuvettes along with an extensive offering of powder and liquid chemistries. Measurements include pH and turbidity which are available simultaneously in one convenient instrument.
350 Multi-Parameter Portable Meter
Flexible, robust and compact precision without compromises for simultaneous measurement of up to 4 parameters. Utilizing a backlit graphics display with user-friendly menu navigation as well as the highest level of accuracy and resolution, this instrument is at the top of its class. The new multi-parameter probes from WTW include the ConOx probe which combine conductivity and oxygen measurements for both laboratory and field applications. As well as the MPP 350 outdoor multi-parameter probe for pH, oxygen, conductivity and temperature measurements. 
700 Series Laboratory Meters
The new 700 series meters are more powerful and more innovative, utilizing the latest laboratory instrumentation technologies. For reliable and precise laboratory measurements including pH, mV, ORP, ions, conductivity, DO and temperature, these series of meters are ideal to meet all of your requirements. With superior design maintaining high levels of safety, reliability, ease of use and flexibility, these meters are built to last.

The new WTW handhelds –
pH, Conductivity and D.O.
measurement for professionals 
New Single-Parameter Handhelds from WTW
...the ProfiLine 3000 Series

WTW GmbH launches the new, single parameter handheld series for field measurement of pH, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen - waterproof for unlimited outside use.

The new ProfiLine series includes three new families: 3110 Series, 3210 Series, and 3310 Series - all are rugged and waterproof with IP 66/67 rated performance. The separate battery compartment allows quick replacement of either standard or rechargeable batteries. The large, highly visible backlit LCD display provides excellent readability even in the most adverse lighting conditions. The easy-to-clean, high performance silicone keypad is completely sealed for water protection and features the touch and feel of traditional keys for error-free operation. A single battery pack (4 x 1.5 V AA) provides continuous operation of up to 2500 hours.

Functional and easy-to-use: 
The 3110 Series 

For people who want a reliable, simple and easy-to-use portable meter, the 3110 series is the right choice. The large, easy-to-read LCD display plus the simple six button keypad supports trouble-free and error-free operation. Available in two models: pH 3110 and Cond 3110 for conductivity measurements with automatic temperature compensation when a temperature probe is connected. Quick, at-a-glance readings are featured with the simultaneous display of both the parameter and temperature measurement. The new, simple 2-electrode graphite conductivity cell for use with the Cond 3110 is ideal for general purpose field applications. Or, use with the TetraCon® 325 4-electrode cell for enhanced performance – extremely wide measurement range with error-free results even when the electrode is soiled.

Convenient and versatile: 
The 3210 Series
The 3210 series offers advanced measurement performance and menu guided operation with the pH 3210, Cond 3210 and the Oxi 3210 for dissolved oxygen measurement. All data information is displayed in plain text in your choice of 4 languages, English, German, French or Spanish. A special alert feature, CMC – Continuous Measurement Control, on the pH 3210 informs the user when measuring within the optimum range defined by the buffer solutions used. Manual datalogging allows storage of single readings including a time and date stamp. Each data set is fully displayed including value, temperature, day, time and ID.

The Oxi 3210 has the flexibility of connecting DurOx® and CellOx® 325 probes depending on application needs. 
The Cond 3210 can be used with your choice of a wide range of standard and special application cell constants including standard WTW 2- or 4-electrode cells.

For customers looking for an easy-to-use DO meter, WTW offers the Oxi 3205 - a DO meter with backlit graphic display without memory functions.

High capacity datalogging: The 3310 Series
The 3310 Series is the best choice where high capacity datalogging is required. The pH 3310, Cond 3310 and Oxi 3310 are excellent for all traditional applications for in-the-field measurement. The high capacity memory for up to 5000 GLP compliant records together with a time controlled datalogger with adjustable intervals makes these instruments perfect for long term monitoring in field applications. The data is transferred using a built-in USB interface, the standard modern communication between instruments and PC.

The introduction of the ProfiLine Series again proves WTW’s dedication to meet customer demands for tailor-made portable products for the measurement of standard parameters. All instruments are available as packages including sensors, accessories and carry cases. Plus, a wide range of WTW sensors and accessories provides the solution for virtually any application.

Multi 3410, 3420, 3430: The New Multi-parameter Standard


Intelligent Sensors store an ID

  • Automatic logon to meters once connected
  • Calibration history stored in the sensor
  • Each sensor is individual identified digitally


Digital Processing and Data Transfer of Sensor measurement

  • Fail-safe transfer by digital signals
  • Variable cable lengths available for each sensor
  • Direct signal processing contributes to extremely precise measurement readings


Sensors for each application

  • IDS-Sensors for every parameter and application
  • Sensors are manufactured with enhanced WTW sensor technology
  • Adapters for SenTix® pH sensors with S7 plug head available

Which meter is the most suitable to match my applications?

3410 series         3420 series         3430 series

The ProfiLine handheld instruments from WTW:

Rugged, waterproof, convenient and much more …

Designed from experience to meet tomorrow’s requirements today.
Support your needs in the field.

  • Special silicone keypad – absolutely waterproof with feedback
  • CMC-Function – for a more accurate pH-measurement
  • Waterproof USB-interface – most suitable for wet environments

Which instrument meets my needs?

3110 series         3210 series         3310 series

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