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If you do not understand these 3 words, google them: symptom, symptomatic and asymptomatic. Some of us were ignorant at Clarkson but not anymore.

How many young people under the age of 18 have died while having the Corona Virus in the state of California in the USA with a population of 39.5 million?
CDPH shows 104 as of May 9, 2023. This is 0.0002% of the California population. Have a health problem or over 80, yes it is dangerous but so is the Flu and Pneumonia.
Sweden with 10 million people never had any mask mandate and had the same results as the state of California! - - References: CDPH , Flu and Sweden

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Shaker Accessories

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Separatory Funnel Holder (up to 500 mL)

The funnel holder will accommodate up to three funnels at once, depending on size, and can mount one or two of these holders on the shaker base.
Just load the funnels with the stopcock down, adjust to the desired shaking position, and turn on the shaker. The funnel is secured by an easily adjusted yoke, and the stopper is held in place by a built-in elastic band.
If you're mixing materials that create pressure while being shaken, the pressure can be relieved automatically with the Snorkel Stopper, which is substituted for the regular stopper, and is held in place with the elastic band. It automatically relieves pressure over one pound (psi).

Separatory Funnel Holder (up to 1000 mL)

The separatory funnel holder is designed to allow 1- or 2-liter separatory funnels to be held in the positions necessary for sample processing, but with minimum handling of fragile funnels. From the upright, or fill, position the funnel may be rotated to the 45° or 60° position for shaking and then returned to the upright position for the addition of materials or extracting. The flask may remain in the holder during the entire cycle. This holder requires the use of the Universal Mounting Platform (099A BT6000).

Erlenmeyer Flask Holder

This flask holder lets you shake one to four Erlenmeyer flask at a time. It will work with uncapped flasks (for gentle shaking), or you can close them with screw caps or tapered stoppers. An elastic band automatically holds the stoppers in place. Maximum of two flask holders can be shaken at once. A locking knob secures holder in optimum positions for both loading flasks and for effective shaking. While mounted on shaker, the holder can be rotated 180°.
Each holder adjust to accommodate three 500 mL flasks or four 125 or 250 mL flasks. A combination of flasks is possible, as well.

Fat-Extraction Tube Holder

This tube holder lets you use the BenchTop Shaker for Mojonnier fat extraction. Each holder accepts up to four flasks, 37 mm in diameter.
Maximum of two holders can be shaken at one time. The load max of up to five pounds need not be balanced. Unstoppered flask may be shaken vertically. For Horizontal shaking, flasks should be stoppered and stoppers held with built-in restrainers.

Test Tube Rack Holder

The test tube rack holder lets you shake one or two entire racks of test tubes at once. Does double duty as a holder for bottles, Erlenmeyer flask, or other stoppered containers.
Racks are held in place by a restraining cover. This cover automatically releases and remains captive when retaining nut are loosened for rack insertion or removal.
Existing racks up to 12" x 5" may be used with capped or stoppered tubes from 75 to 200 mm long.

Centrifuge Tube Holder

The centrifuge tube holder allows shaking vertically to let gases escape, or horizontally with stoppers secured by a plate. Each holder accommodates up to eight tubes.
Maximum of three holders can be shaken at one time. The total load may be up to five pounds and need not be balanced. If sizes other than those listed in the table are needed, call us with your requirements.

Universal Mounting Platform

The Universal Mounting Platform is required for mounting Series BT glassware holders. It also provides a horizontal surface for the easy attachment of a wide variety of vessels that need to be shaken.
The Universal Mounting Platform is set conveniently on top of the shaker head and is held securely with three hand-tightened locking knobs. The Series BT holders also install quickly atop the platform through pre-located mounting holes. Two locking knobs secure each holder in place. The platform accepts two holders.


Item No Description
099A VH0250T
Triple Holder for three 250ml Seperatory Funnels
099A VH0250E
Single holder for one 250ml Volumetric/Erlenmeyer Flask
099A VH0500E
Single holder for one 500ml Volumetric/Erlenmeyer Flask
099A VH1000E
Single holder for one 1000ml Volumetric/Erlenmeyer Flask
099A VH0250S
Single Holder for one 250ml Seperatory Funnel
099A VH0500S
Single Holder for one 500ml Seperatory Funnel
099A VH1000S
Single Holder for one 1000ml Seperatory Funnel
099A VH1000DS
Double Holder for two 1000ml Seperatory Funnel
099A VH1000T
Single Holder for one 1000ml Polypro Seperatory Funnel
099A VH2000S
Single Holder for one 2000ml Seperatory Funnel
099A VH2000DS
Double Holder for two 2000ml Seperatory Funnel
099A VH2000DST
Double Holder for two 2000ml Polypro Seperatory Funnel
099A VH2000T
Single Holder for one 2000ml Polypro Seperatory Funnel
099A BT1000S
Holder for 1L sep funnel
099A BT2000S
Holder for 2L sep funnel
099A BT2000ST
Single Holder for one 2000ml Polypro Seperatory Funnel
099A EF521
Erlenmeryer Flask Holder for three 500ml or four 125/250ml flask
099A MFG3
Mojonnier Fat Extraction tube holder, ideal for AOAC Method 996.06
099A TR700
Test Tube Rack Holder for Max 5"W x 12"L x 75mm to 200mm Tubes
099A SR815
Fits eight 15ml centrifuge tubes up to 16mm and 126 - 160mm long, 3 holders per S600 shaker
099A SR850
Fits eight 50ml glass centrifuge tubes up to 28mm and 140 - 180mm long, 3 holders per S600 shaker
099A BT6000
Universal Mounting Platform secures to S600 shaker for Series BT holders
099A FR435SS
Separatory funnel holder for one, two, or three 60-250ml funnels
099A FR600SS
Separatory funnel holder for two 125-500ml funnels